Bidens Eat at River Café; A Garden for City Hall

• Joe and Jill Biden ate a belated Valentine’s Day meal at the River Café on Saturday while their Secret Service detail dined on pizzas from Grimaldi’s. [NYDN]

• Urban-planning students want to plant a vegetable garden outside City Hall. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Treats Truck owner Kim Ina’s West Village apartment is filled with retro food ephemera like vintage aprons and milk bottles from the fifties. [NYT]

• Massive liquor wholesaler Diageo — under the name “the Last Store on Main Street” — opposes Governor Paterson’s plan to sell wine in grocery stores. [NYP]

• The owners of Red Hook wine store Dry Dock aren’t happy that Botta di Vino, their soon-to-open competition, got a free makeover from the Discovery Channel program Construction Intervention. [Brooklyn Paper]

• The only Slim Jim plant in the U.S. is back in production today after an explosion last summer. [NYP]

• The Demel Bakery plans to close its shop in the Plaza and is suing the hotel for fraud. [NYP]

• Vietnam’s beer scene is on the rise. [NYT]

• The Piggery, a family farm north of Ithaca, offers New York City’s first meat-only CSA. [NYDN]

• The federal government launched a program on Friday to encourage supermarkets to open in low-income areas. [Reuters]

• Be warned: The pizzacones at new K! Pizzacone take five minutes to make. [NYDN]

• New Yorker Joel Schiff wants to establish a Museum of the Hearth and Kitchen and has already collected about 7,000 artifacts, which he stores in his 850-square-foot apartment. [WSJ]

Bidens Eat at River Café; A Garden for City Hall