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Basta Pasta Trumps Comella’s; Bombay Club ‘Haunted’ by Past

• The Dig pits Comella’s against Basta Pasta in a battle of reasonably priced Italian and Basta comes out on top: “Virtually no wait for inexpensive, delicious food. And did I mention the portions? Go get stuffed.” [Weekly Dig]

• Devra First gives only a star and a half to Bombay Club, which is haunted by the ghosts of the space’s former occupant, Pho Republique: “In this room, the Pho crew served fun food and strong drinks to a cross-section of the South End for more than a decade. It was a true neighborhood hangout, and it is missed. When people try to eat tikka masala here, it just hurts. They are reminded of what they have lost.” [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau has two stars for Conga’s, which he finds inauthentic: “The first clue to a fake restaurant is a phony name. Conga’s isn’t owned by an Afro-Cuban dance rhythm, and doesn’t serve drums. Instead, it has a Spanish and South American menu cooked by Central Americans for Thai owners whose previous Japanese restaurant in this space didn’t catch on.” [Phoenix]

Woodward earns a B+ from Mat Schaffer, who’s a big fan of Mark Goldberg: “Lots of people apparently like Woodward, judging by the crowds that fill the place virtually every night. They come for the excitement of a see-and-be-seen scene spread over two busy bars and two noisy floors. They come for the pretty people and crafted cocktails. … But what will keep them coming back is executive chef Mark Goldberg’s food with its big flavors and seasonal sensibilities.” [Herald]

• Cheap Eats pays a visit to Six Burner where “the feel is funky-urban, but the food is decidedly down-home.” [Globe]

• MC Slim JB stops by Sonny Noto’s. Though it “hardly rates as destination dining, it’s easy to see why locals have kept this family-run business busy since 1952, with its versatile three-meal service, big portions, and care in details like fresh mushrooms and to-order cooking. Judging from the steady, happy trade here, I’d say it actually hasn’t been overlooked at all: folks who live or work nearby have known about it all along.” [Phoenix]

Basta Pasta Trumps Comella’s; Bombay Club ‘Haunted’ by Past