A Pastry Champ Comes to Town; MTV’s Jersey Shore Clubbing Woes

• All the concern about Asian Carp invading the Great Lakes via the Gulf of Mexico has shifted attention away from invasive species entering via the St. Lawrence Seaway. [J-S]

• Pierre Zimmermann, a winner of France’s World Cup of Baking, is joining the faculty of Chicago’s French Pastry School. [CNC]

• MTV is desperately trying to rein in the Jersey Shore cast’s club appearances, but to little avail. [NYP]

Health’s December issue recycled recipes from Real Simple. [NYT]

• Consumers are responding favorably to ads touting the health food benefits of fast food chains. [NRN]

• The Chinese government is searching for 100 tons of tainted milk powder that’s already on the market. [WSJ]

• Wal-Mart may launch a line of private label spices, which could be a big problem for McCormick. [WSJ]

• The FDA may change standard serving sizes to more accurately reflect how much Americans eat. [NYT]

• In an effort to combat the Northeast’s crumbling dairy industry, some dairy farmers are banding together in co-ops. [NYT]

• Houston has recently developed a world-class food scene. [NYT]

• New Albany, Mississippi, William Faulker’s hometown, is about to legalize the sale of beer for the first time in over fifty years. [NYT]

• The USDA will tighten requirements on companies that provide meat for school lunches. [USA Today]

A Pastry Champ Comes to Town; MTV’s Jersey Shore Clubbing Woes