A New Lawsuit Arises Against Yelp; Iron Chef UK Due Later This Year

Photo: SFist

• Two firms bring a new class action lawsuit against Yelp this week in SoCal, charging that the site extorted money from a veterinary hospital in order to remove negative reviews. [TechCrunch, Earlier]

• A hot deal in far-off Presidio Heights: $50 in food and drink for $25 at Sociale. [GrubGirl]

• Slate delves into why California winemakers won’t make more inexpensive bottles. Hint: It’s all about ego. [Slate]

• A brief Q&A; with SOBE food festival kingpin, Lee Brian Schrager. [Eater Miami]

Iron Chef UK will debut later this year. [Digital Spy]

• Tours at many craft breweries are getting more interactive, with visitors getting the chance to do everything from cleaning tanks to shoveling grain. [NYT]

• The White Queen in the new Alice in Wonderland movie was inspired by Nigella Lawson. [Digital Spy]

• Tomato processor SK Foods allegedly bribed officials from Kraft, Frito-Lay, Safeway, and B&G; Foods to ignore sanitation and safety problems. [NYT]

• North Carolina’s Crop Mob, a loosely organized group of landless farmers and those interested in agriculture, has been instrumental in establishing at least fifteen small-scale sustainable farms. [NYT]

• Liquor companies, having cut prices to keep cash-strapped consumers, are concerned they won’t be able to raise them back up when the economy recovers. [WSJ]

• Hellman’s new light mayonnaise is the industry’s first to use cage-free eggs. [PR Newswire for Journalists via Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Burger King may temporarily eliminate tomatoes from its burgers due to a shortage in Florida. [ABC]

A New Lawsuit Arises Against Yelp; Iron Chef UK Due Later This Year