A Graphical Analysis of What We Can Expect from Grahamwich, Based on Its Website Illustrations

For all the ink that we (and others) have spilled building up Graham Elliot Bowles’s sandwich concept Grahamwich, you’d think it was a brick-and-mortar shop that daily delivers bread-encased heroin directly into our veins, and not just a dreamy Graham Elliot offshoot that doesn’t even have a location yet, let alone an opening date. As of yesterday, at least, it now has a website — grahamwich.com — and while there are precious few words to be found there, we certainly can attempt to read as much as possible into the foodstuffs that comprise a repeating background pattern. Clockwise from top:

As we all know, soft-serve is so hot right now. It was Food & Wine who confirmed Grahamwich’s foray into that arena, noting that the shop will feature “seasonally focused soft serve ice creams” with “toppings like Pop Rocks and dehydrated berries.”

This is a new one — at least, for the Grahamwich menu. Bowles has already proven his popcorn cred with the white-truffle version that diners at Graham Elliot get in lieu of a traditional bread basket. It made its leap to the masses when it was featured on his concession menu at Lollapalooza. Can we expect crazy-flavored kernels at Grahamwich? Sounds both plausible and delicious.

Well duh.

Bowles has already copped to the fact that he’s planning on making housemade fizzy beverages, in flavors like orange-cardamom and galangal-ginger ale. We’re more intrigued by the fact that when we squint a little, we see what looks awfully like a pig on the label of this illustrated soda bottle. Bacon bubbly?

A Graphical Analysis of What We Can Expect from Grahamwich, Based on Its Website