Wing Bowl

A Wing Bowl Scandal, Starring Mary Carey and Snooki

Photo: MTV

For most of our adult life, we’ve ignored Wing Bowl, the WIP-sponsored competitive eating contest/stripper extravaganza, but for some reason this year it cannot - it will not - be ignored! That reason is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of Jersey Shore fame, who WIP announced yesterday will be participating in Wing Bowl.

And then there’s porn star-turned-politician-turned-porn star-turned-Wingette Mary Carey. Today comes word from Wing Bowl authority and Daily News columnist Dan Gross that Ms. Carey has been ousted from her duties as a Wingette for either being a hardcore porn star or for never having been an official Wingette in the first place, depending on whether you believe the story of WIP’s market manager or the owner of the strip club where Carey will dance next week. Now a stripper being chucked out of Wing Bowl for having starred in hardcore porn is like being a doctor being kicked out of a hospital for having gone to medical school. Ridiculous!

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A Wing Bowl Scandal, Starring Mary Carey and Snooki