Wild Edibles Ends Epic Standoff With Picketing Workers

Daniel Gross, leader of Brandworkers.
Daniel Gross, leader of Brandworkers. Photo: AP

A saga over two years in the making has finally come to an end. City Room reports that Wild Edibles has agreed to pay $340,000 to a group of employees who claimed they weren’t paid overtime and who led a boycott of the seafood purveyor amid accusations of sleaziness and racism. The story was a twisted one: After bringing the charges in September 2007, the workers convinced Keith McNally, Danny Meyer, and about 30 others to drop Wild Edibles as a seafood carrier, leading to its bankruptcy.

Terrance Brennan also agreed to boycott them (or so it was claimed — Brennan later said he agreed to no such thing), but Brandworkers (the controversial group that represented the workers) accused him of continuing to use Wild Edibles via shadow companies (a charge company boss Richard Marin denied). In another strange twist, Marin at one point gave Brandworkers a taste of their own medicine and protested outside of leader Daniel Gross’s apartment. Anyway, good to see it’s all resolved now — we’re guessing the slighted workers won’t be celebrating their victory with caviar.

Wild Edibles Settles With Workers’ Group Pushing Boycott [City Room/NYT]

Wild Edibles Ends Epic Standoff With Picketing Workers