What to Eat at Prairie Fire, Opening Soon in the West Loop

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Northbrook’s Prairie Grass Cafe has always been one of those places that was almost, almost worth trekking up out of the city to visit. To the lucky folks already living within a stone’s through of Sarah Stegner’s stellar burger and the rest of the seasonal, locally-sourced menu, we stuck out our metaphorical tongue and thumbed our metaphorical nose. But now, neener neener, Stegner and co-chef/partner George Bumbaris have brought their kitchen to the heart of town, as the much-anticipated Prairie Fire finally set to open in the next few days. The menu is classic Stegner/Bumbaris: a terrine of blue cheese, grapes and candied walnuts, a crock full of creamy chicken liver pate, a moussaka made with lamb from Mint Creek Farm. Read on for the full menu.


* Warm baked feta cheese with thin slices of spicy banana peppers and tomato - $6.00

* Chicken liver pâté in a crock with sliced apples and port wine balsamic reduction - $6.00

* Duck ballotine “pâté” with cornichons, mustard and cognac-marinated prunes - $9.00

* Mushroom ricotta and Parmesan ravioli with mushroom reduction - $9.00

* Crispy rolls of tender braised Mint Creek Farm lamb with cucumber, mint and yogurt sauce - $6.50

* Shrimp “spring-roll style” with spicy dipping sauce - $9.50

* Ahi tuna and basil with pickled ginger “tartar” sauce - $9.00

* Prairie Fire spicy grilled chicken wings with homemade ranch dressing - $6.00

* French lentils slow-cooked with tomato marmalade, crumbled Capriole Farm goat cheese and crispy shallots - $6.00

* Niman Ranch bacon and Pleasant Ridge cheese pizza - $9.00

* Smoked salmon pizza, sour cream and traditional toppings - $12.00

* Prairie Fire Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, homemade dressing, toasted croutons and shaved Parmesan - $7.50
* Citrus honey-marinated local beets with sliced pear, Capriole Farm goat cheese and toasted hazelnuts - $8.00
* Farmer’s salad with Three Sisters Garden greens, chopped romaine, roasted root vegetables, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, Pleasant Ridge cheese and herb dressing - $9.00
* A terrine of blue cheese, grapes and candied walnuts, mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette - $8.00
* Pea shoot tendrils, romaine lettuce, crispy shallots, apples, goat cheese and sherry vinaigrette - $8.00

* Bill Kurtis’s Tallgrass filet mignon with twice-baked potato, bacon, Hook’s cheddar cheese and mushroom ragoût - $39.00
* Slow-braised Bill Kurtis’s Tallgrass BBQ brisket with Yukon Gold potato puree and mirepoix of vegetables - $20.00
* Ancho-marinated skirt steak, local beans and rainbow Swiss chard ragoût with grilled onions - $23.00
* Penne pasta tossed in Bill Kurtis’s Tallgrass beef, basil and tomato sauce with Parmesan and toasted breadcrumbs - $13.50
* Chicago magazine’s #1 sirloin burger with mild blue cheese topping, warm beefsteak tomato, grilled red onions and crisp potato wedges, served without the bun - $15.00
* Moussaka with tender layers of braised Mint Creek Farm lamb, potato, eggplant and golden crusted béchamel sauce - $17.00
* Mint Creek Farm handcrafted lamb sausage with giant Greek-style beans - $18.00
* Spicy grilled goat sausage flavored with winter leeks and lemon-oregano “Greek” potatoes - $18.00
* Center cut ahi tuna seared rare with baby bok choy and River Valley Ranch shiitake mushrooms tossed in a spicy soy sauce - $27.00
* Wild Alaskan cod in brioche breadcrumb crust, root vegetable, shallots and herbs - $22.00
* Parmesan-crusted tilapia over creamed spinach - $20.00
* Sautéed Lake Superior whitefish, roasted portobello mushrooms and creamy Yukon Gold potatoes - $19.00
* Prairie Fire fish and chips, potato wedges, crunchy vegetable slaw and homemade tartar sauce - $15.00
* Boneless half chicken marinated in rosemary, thyme and garlic, pan-seared until crispy, served with roasted honey-glazed sweet potatoes and braised seasonal greens - $17.00
* Crisp duck leg and tender duck confit cake with braised cabbage, apples and apple cider sauce - $19.00
* Golden browned pork schnitzel, lightly breaded, served with local potatoes, broccoli rapini and caper-lemon sauce - $15.00
* Phyllo strudel filled with spinach, feta, and toasted pine nuts, served with vegetable compote - $16.00
* For our vegetarian diners: Best of today’s vegetables “chef’s choice” - $16.00

Prairie Fire opens next week, at 215 N. Clinton St., 312 382 8300.

What to Eat at Prairie Fire, Opening Soon in the West Loop