What to Eat at East by Northeast, Now Open in Inman Square

After months of anticipation, T.W. Food and Hungry Mother alum Phillip Tang’s East by Northeast is now open in Inman Square and we’ve got your first look at the menu. The hand-made noodles Tang promised in September are present, accounted for, and available in four dishes. A soup dumpling is also on offer with a filling of pork and butternut squash. There’s a small but lovely cocktail list and a nicely curated selection of beers. Tang says that dim sum will be on offer once they get used to dinner service.

curry dusted carrot chips 4
candied peppercorn pecans, sesame 4
five spice boiled peanuts 4

pickled vegetables:
daikon, beet, rutabaga 5
sweet potato fritter, honey, chili mayonnaise, 8
sautéed kale, spiced rutabaga relish, lemon, garlic 6

scallion pancake, roasted garlic chili sauce, pickled onions 8
crispy pork belly, man tou bread, daikon, sweet bean paste 10

celery root, poached chicken, apple, sesame mustard sauce 7
kohlrabi and carrot salad, sesame ginger vinaigrette 5
napa cabbage, honey, rice vinegar, peppercorn oil 6

hand-rolled short rice noodles
with chicken, daikon, shiitakes, xo sauce 9
with shiitakes, kale, carrot, sweet bean paste 8
home made thick cut noodles
with beef shank, celery root, parsnip, spicy beef broth 10
with winter vegetables, chip-in farm poached egg, miso vegetable broth 10

pork, butternut squash, five spice-pork jus 8
shrimp, carrots, ginger, cilantro, green sauce 10

tea(all tea provided by MEM tea in somerville)
per person 4
mao feng china green (organic)
roasted oolong
ginger lemon

butternuts porkslap in a can (ny)4
allagash white (me) 7
brooklyn lager (ny) 6
spaten- franziskaner hefe-weisse (ger) 16.9oz. 10
mayflower (ma) 6
golden ale
smuttynose (nh) 6
old brown dog ale
victory (pa) 7
golden monkey
storm king imperial stout

1. grapefruit infused vodka/fresh grapefruit/
jasmine tea 9
2. elijah craig/local apple cider/cinnamon/
star anise 9
3. matusalem 10 year rum/housemade
ginger soda/lime 9
4. reyka vodka/pomegranate juice/
goji berry infusion 9

wines by the glass
house white 7
house red 8

housemade soda

cilantro/lime 5
ginger 5

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What to Eat at East by Northeast, Now Open in Inman Square