What to Eat at Blue Asia Cafe, Now Open in Allston

Blue Asia Cafe is now open on Brighton Ave in Allston and, though the menu doesn’t include steamed sandwiches as we originally thought, there’s plenty to get excited about here. Perhaps the biggest standouts are the rice roll creations, sushi-like rolls of rice stuffed with very non-sushi ingredients like hot dogs, eggs, and cheese, or kimchi, beef bulgogi, egg, and vegetables. There’s also a nice selection of ramen, including one topped with fried pork tenderloin.

1. Herbal Ginseng Chicken Soup 4.95
2. Chef’s Special Soup with shrimp, korean radish, chinese mushroom and bamboo shoot 4.50
3. Spicy Stewed Beef Soup with dumpling 7.95

1. Home-Made Pan Fried Dumplings 5.95
2. Home- Made Steamed Dumplings 5.95
3. Pan Fried Scallion Pancake 4.25
4. Egg Pancake with sweet corn & dipping sauce 4.25
5. Egg Pancake with dried pork & dipping sauce 4.25
6. Original Egg Pancake with dipping sauce 3.95
7. Fried Tofu with chef’s dipping sauce 3.50
8. Salt & Pepper Chicken with basil 6.25
9. Salt & Pepper Chicken with beef scallion and hawaiian sauce 6.50
10. Salt & Pepper French Fries 1.95
11. Mini Egg Rolls fried with minced shrimp and pork 4.25
12. Sliced Pork Belly boiled, seared with chef’s special garlic sauce 6.95
13. Sliced Chinese Red Wine Pork Belly fried, with dipping sauce 6.95
14. Cold Cut Stewed Beef Brisket 6.25
15. Chilled Seaweed Seasoned with fresh garlic 3.50
16. Chilled Sponge Tofu with chinese mushroom and bamboo shoot 4.95
17. Chilled Cabbage marinated with 3 flavors, sweet, sour and mild spicy 3.95
18. Fried Minced Shrimp Pancake with thai sweet & sour sauce 7.95

Rice Plate - Bento
All Plates Come With Three Side Dishes Of The Day, White Rice And A Pan Fried Egg.
1. Chef’s Special Fried Tenderloin Pork Over Rice 7.95
2. Chef’s Special Fried Chicken Cutlet Over Rice 7.95
3. Grilled Quarter Chicken Leg Over Rice 7.95
4. Sweet Sausage Over Rice 7.95
5. Fried Chinese Red Wine Pork Belly Over Rice 7.95
6. Fried Tenderloin Pork with apple curry over rice 8.50
7. Fried Chicken Cutlet with apple curry over rice 8.50
9. Sliced Pork Belly Sauteed with spicy kimchi over rice 7.95
10. Korean Beef “Bulgogi” Over Rice 8.95
11. Hot Stone Pot “Beef Bibimbob” Over Rice 9.95
12. Hot Stone Pot “Eel Bibimbob” Over Rice marinated eel assorted vege served with spicy sauce in hot stone pot 10.95
13. Marinated Japanese Eel “Unagi” Over Rice 9.95
14. Thai Style Sweet & Sour Popcorn Shrimp 8.95
15. The Famous General Gau’s Tofu For Vege Lover Over Rice 6.95
16. Teriyaki Tofu Over Rice 6.95
17. Teriyaki Assorted Vege Over Rice 6.95
18. Tofu with apple curry sauce over rice 6.95
19. Steamed Assorted Vege with apple curry sauce over rice 6.95
20. Hot Stone Pot “Tofu Bibimbob” Over Rice pan fried tofu and assorted vege served with spicy sauce in hot stone pot 8.95

Rice Roll Creation
Try Our Fusion Rice Roll Creation- A New Way To Combine Different Ingredients In Sushi Rolls
1. Curry Pork Chop Rice Roll fried tenderloin pork, egg, vege, dried pork, spice curry sauce 5.95
2. Popcorn Shrimp Rice Roll fried shrimp, sweet corn, vege & spicy mayo 6.50
3. Crispy Chicken Rice Roll crispy fried chicken cutlet, egg, dried pork, vege and spicy mayo 5.95
4. Japanese Style Rice Roll eel, egg, fried shrimp and vege 6.95
5. Korean Style Rice Roll korean kimchi, beef gugagi, egg and vege 6.95
6. Typhoon Rice Roll pork chop, dried pork, egg, sweet dried base card and vege 5.95
7. Micky’s Rice Roll hot dog, egg, cheese and vege 5.95
8. Thai Creation Rice Roll thai style sweet and sour popcorn shrimp, egg and vege 6.50

Shin Ramen
Just Got To Have Korean Spicy Instant Noodle Soup. Choose From The Following Selections. (All Selections Will Come With Vege And Egg)
1. Seafood 6.50
2. Fried Tenderloin Pork 5.95
3. Fried Chicken Cutlet 5.95
4. Assorted Vegetables 5.50
5. Beef Brisket 5.95

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What to Eat at Blue Asia Cafe, Now Open in Allston