What to Eat at Amìs, Opening January 14

Marc Vetri’s new restaurant Amìs is scheduled to open next week in Washington Square West, right around the time he said it would in our fall openings preview. Vetri’s take on a casual Roman trattoria, which will be cheffed by Brad Spence, who was most recently in charge of the kitchen at Vetri, features meats cured in-house, homemade pastas, plus fish, meats and, for the adventurous, plenty of offal - from sweetbreads to fried lamb’s tongue. Vetri provided us with a peek at a working menu, which you can click through to view. As it’s not completely finalized, Vetri cautions that some items may change by the opening, but it’s mostly accurate.

bruschetta (toast)

mortadella mouse 6

fresh tuna and white beans 6

eggplant caponata 6

ricotta and black pepper 8

snails alla romana 10

salumi and formaggi
(all salumi is housemade)

fennel salami with marmalade 8

coppa with hazlenut honey 8

pork liver terrine and mostarda 8

scamorza with pickled veg. 8

trio of pecorino 12

marinated olives $4

antipasti di pesce

stuffed clams $7

marinated sardines $10

octopus with potato and olive 10

marinated sepia with fennel and grapefruit 6

fritto misto with anchovies and zuchini waffle chips and lemon 10

antipasti di carne

arancini di riso with meat ragu 6

carpaccio of beef filet with gorgonzola sauce 12

polpettine with tomato potato 8

crispy sweetbreads with fennel marmalade 10

fried lambs tongue with salsa rossa 7

verdure (vegetables)
polenta with brown butter 5

potato frittata 6

artichokes alla giudaia 10

egg “tripe” in tomato sauce 6

farro salad with root veg.7

escarole salad with apples and radishes 6

(all pastas are housemade)

tonnarelli “cacio e pepe” with pecorino and black pepper 14

bucatini alla “gricia” with pork belly, chili flake and pecorino 14

gnocchi alla romana with oxtail ragu 14

rigatoni with swordfish and eggplant fries 14

strozzaprete with clam cockles and muscles 14

veal cannelloni with porcini béchamel 14

carne (meat)

pork and fennel pollen sausage with peperonata 16

guinea hen leg saltimbocca with prosciutto and sage 18

abbacchio con patate (roasted lamb with potatoes) 18

turkey cutlet alla milanese 16

tagliata di manzo (grilled ribeye) over arugula salad 26

pesce (fish)

halibut with tomatoes, raisins and pinenuts 16

mixed seafood grill 22

tagliata di tonno (grilled tuna steak) with celery root salad 18

baccala in casserole 16

dolci (desserts)

Coppo of mixed Semifreddo e granite 8

ricotta and espresso budino 6

pear and polenta bread 6

olive oil torta with whipped cream and marmelatta 8

waffles amis
warm belgian style waffles with nutella and semifreddo 10

fresh champagne mango crisp 8

Amis, 412 S. 13th St.; 215-732-2647

What to Eat at Amìs, Opening January 14