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What to Eat/Buy at the Underground Farmers’ Market Redux Next Week

Photo: Philip Clark

The Underground Farmers’ Market, which ran into a bit of a snag with the health department in their first outing, returns next week as a private event. Organizer Iso Rabins of forageSF says they’ve found a new space at 199 Capp (at 17th Street), which like the first space is a private residence, but hopefully will be roomier. It all goes down from 5 to 11 p.m. next Thursday, January 28th. Sign up to become a member here, and see a list of vendors below. (The whole membership thing, and keeping it technically a “private” event, is how they’re keeping it legit.)

Erin Murry - sauerkraut
Indu Kline - ghee and other Weston A Price foods
Rana Chang - kombucha
Olivia (Little Cake Peddler) - cupcakes
Margaret Wong - wild mushroom spreads
Jeff Tidwell - sauerkraut
Patricia - homegrown veggies
Jessica (Golden Crust) - pies
Will Schrom - sarsaparilla
Jana Blankenship - soaps and salves
Shakirah (Slow Jams) - jams
Tanya - lasagna
Amber - dosas
Arianna Montmayer - Cupcakes
Susan Marjanovic - raw chocolate
Pearl’s Kitchen - corned beef sandwiches
Lane Kennedy - kettle corn
Heartbaker - amazing desserts
Julia Abbassi - bread
Soul Cocina - mexican food
Becky Spencer - jams
John Farais - acorn fudge
Stephanie Rosenbaum - bread and jam
Kate Thompson and Christine Waring - granola
Robin Jolin - kombucha

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What to Eat/Buy at the Underground Farmers’ Market Redux Next Week