Tired of Its Old Friends, the Ferry Building Shops for New Ones

The now shuttered Lulu Petite.
The now shuttered Lulu Petite. Photo: Melissa W./Yelp

Is the Ferry Building purposely swapping out some of its current tenants in order to court cooler, fresher faces? John Birdsall thinks so, and reports today that the building managers have been refusing to renew leases and/or jacking up rents 70% in order to make room for new tenants. Following on the demise of Tsar Nicolai Caviar, we noted yesterday the closing of Mastrelli’s Deli and Lulu Petite, who Eater suggests aren’t as cool as the most recent crop of newcomers (including Blue Bottle and Heath Ceramics), vendors who are, in turn, “much more high-profile” than their predecessors.

Birdsall spoke to Tsar Nicolai and Lulu Petite, both of whom were ousted against their will when Equity Office Properties Trust, the building’s agent, refused to renew their leases. Two other vendors — the endangered I Preferiti di Boriana potentially among them — have allegedly stayed on only through threats of legal action against Equity.

“We would have liked to stay, ” said Lulu Petite operations director Simon Ng. “There are a lot of upset vendors. There’s definitely a change in the air in the building.”

We just hope that change doesn’t include four-dollar cupcakes or bacon ice cream. Enough already, people.

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Tired of Its Old Friends, the Ferry Building Shops for New Ones