The Ultimate Meat Hang: The Beacon’s Annual Beefsteak

Photo: Courtesy of the Beacon

Those who’ve read William Grimes’s Appetite City or similar tomes of gastronomic history know that during a different era ruffians would gather at “beefsteaks” and consume unholy quantities of meat with their bare hands. If you’re the type to ignore Sam Sifton’s recent warning that “excess can become wretched, and fast,” then know that on February 16, the Beacon will host its tenth annual beefsteak, which it calls “a night of hedonistic gluttony, beef, beer, bourbon, camaraderie and song.” For $175 (which covers tax, tip, music, beer, bourbon, and all-you-can-eat food), you get a hand (literally! Though utensils are also provided) in the following provisions that chef Waldy Malouf claims to have ordered.

• 600 pounds of certified Black Angus dry-aged strip loins
• 1,000 CBA mini burgers
• 35 pounds crab meat
• 75 pounds shrimp
• 600 lamb chops
• 40 bacon-wrapped kidneys
• 50 pounds aged Cheddar
• 900 pints of Brooklyn Brewery pilsner
• 36 liters of Maker’s Mark

Hopefully there’s also a Sammy’s Roumanian–style bowl of 250 Alka Seltzers. Just be warned— as someone once told the Times in its fantastic article (with video!) about New Jersey’s meatfests, “Once you start going to beefsteaks, it’s an addiction.”

The Ultimate Meat Hang: The Beacon’s Annual Beefsteak