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The Tavern on the Green Auction: By the Numbers

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So after all the hoopla, how did the Tavern on the Green auction turn out? News reports contain a heck of a lot of numbers, so we broke them into a digestible list. The most relevant stat: The mother of all yard sales fetched about $3.5 million, which will cover just a small chunk of the restaurant’s $8 million in debt.

$2.58 - amount per bottle of wine paid for 1,250 bottles
3 - number of years ago that Jennifer LeRoy took charge of Tavern
20 - years in Dean Poll’s yet-to-be-signed operating license
22 - percent premium taken by Guernsey’s auction house
40 - length, in feet, of the mural in the Park Room
65 - age at which Werner LeRoy died
75 - number of years Tavern has been open
80 - number of martini glasses that went for $100.
100 - age of the green chandelier in the Crystal Room
$225 - amount paid for ten porcelain ginger jars
400 - number of Tavern’s creditors
470 - number of seats in auction room
300 - bottles of sparkling wine sold for $475
300 - number of lots sold to restaurant trade on Friday
$475 - price fetched by almost 300 bottles of sparkling wine
850 - numbers of bottles of Bailey’s Irish Cream and Benedictine Dom that went for $850.
$900 - amount paid for a silver cake stand
1,000 - estimated number of total lots
$4,000 - $10,000 - pre-auction estimated value of pig weather vain
$5,000 - amount paid for pig weather vain
$5,000 - amount paid for LeRoy’s red Nehru jacket
$5,500 - amount paid for Yamaha piano
$10,000-$50,000 - pre-auction estimated value of Tiffany peacock mural
$18,000 - amount paid for a 5-foot-tall bronze bear statue
$20,000 - amount paid for certain Tiffany glass hanging lamps
25,000 - number of items for sale
27,000 - sq feet of space that Dean Poll is refurbishing
$67,500 - amount paid for Crystal Room chandelier
$75,000 - amount paid for Tiffany peacock mural
$100,000-$200,000 pre-auction estimated value of starburst Tiffany glass ceiling
$100,000-$300,000 - pre-auction estimated value of Crystal Room chandelier
$100,000-$500,000 pre-auction estimated value of said ceiling
$120,000 - amount paid for a starburst Tiffany glass ceiling
$123,288 - amount of rent Tavern owed to the city
$150,000 - amount the city paid for the Chestnut Room walls and other items
$180,000 - amount paid for a Tiffany glass ceiling from the Russian Tea Room
$360,000 - amount raised during Wednesday’s afternoon session alone
700,000 - number of meals plated per year
$2 million - amount of money Kay LeRoy, Warner’s ex-wife, loaned to daughter Jennifer
$3.5 million - proceeds of auction including premium
$8 million - Tavern’s debt
$19 million - estimated value of Tavern on the Green’s name, ownership of which is still under contention
$25 million - money Dean Poll is spending to refurbish

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The Tavern on the Green Auction: By the Numbers