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San Fran’s Sustainable Mixt Greens Expands to L.A.

Openings Photo: Mixt Greens

Tender Greens is about to get a determined competitor from up North. San Francisco’s eco-gourmet Mixt Greens chain is expanding to the Southland, with locations headed to Downtown L.A. and Malibu, reports The Daily Dish. Greens’ concept sounds familiar, with fresh organic salads and sammies prepared before your eyes and its own philosophy towards sustainability. Like the Tender one, this attitude permeates everything down to the structure itself and its cleaning materials.

Two things Mixt Greens will introduce to our streets are an edible wall of salad greens and herbs at its location slated for the SAG building by LACMA, plus executive chef Andrew Swallow, who recently cooked at Gramercy Tavern and has a book called Mixt Salads coming out soon. Will Tender and Mixt be the Dodgers and Giants of our eco-salad and sandwich world? We’ll find out next Wednesday when the Downtown location opens.

Salad spot, Mixt Greens, coming to downtown L.A. [L.A.T./Daily Dish]

San Fran’s Sustainable Mixt Greens Expands to L.A.