Sugarcube Philly Food Truck Launching Next Week

Photo: Sugarcube Philly

There’s a new food truck in University City - or there will be some time next week when partners John Suh and Franklin Shen debut Sugarcube Philly, their brand all dessert, all the time truck. Suh, a Drexel alum who works for a trading firm and Shen, a Penn grad and business consultant, are partners in the venture. The duo is planning to debut with a concise menu of six gourmet desserts, from a pear-almond tart topped with creme fraiche and “clear caramel” to spicy Mexican layered chocolate cake.

The desserts are prepared at Philly Kitchen Share by Daniel Tang, a self-taught chef. Prices are still up in the air, but Suh says to expect them to come in in the $5 range. Suh and Shen have passed all of their inspections and have received their roaming license, which allows the truck to travel and park in metered spots on specific streets, and have applied for a license for a permanent spot, which they’re hoping will be on the block of 38th Street between Chestnut and Walnut. In the meantime, the truck will make its rounds in the University City area; hours are unconfirmed as of right now, but Suh says they’ll operate four days a week at the beginning, mostly in the afternoons and hopefully expand into late-night eventually. He’d also like to expand to other areas of the city.

The truck itself, which the duo have nicknamed “Sheila,” is currently getting a paint job, which Suh says involves a rainstorm of sugarcubes and desserts descending on the skyline of Philly. In her previous existence, Sheila was a mobile postal unit located in front of the World Trade Center.

Of course, Sugarcube will tweet its offerings and locations. Follow them @sugarcubephilly.

Sugarcube Philly Food Truck Launching Next Week