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SoCal Is In Love with Mary Jane Soda

Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda
Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda Photo: Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda

Despite the fact that Angelenos today can quasi-legally buy marijuana-laced beverages like Toka-Cola on almost every corner, Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda has become a huge, ahem, hit in SoCal despite not containing any cannabis itself. The Denver-based company tells L.A. Times that it plans to move to City of Industry soon, as 70% of its sales occur in Southern California.

Mary Jane’s name might play on a moniker for marijuana, but it achieves relaxing effects through the use of kava and passionflower. Consumers report sedative effects when drinking the bottled beverage, which is sold at some 7-11’s and joins drinks like Ex-Chill and Slow Cow, which unlike Red Bull and their ilk, seek to give everyone a mellow buzz. In any case, you might want one nearby if you’re quaffing that coca leaf liquor we recently noted.

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SoCal Is In Love with Mary Jane Soda