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Sheepshead Bay Gets ‘Fugly’ Restaurant Space (We’ll Be at the Bungalow Bar)

Sheepshead Bites reports that on Emmons Avenue, what was once a bungalow has been replaced by “an ugly piece of shit” that will eventually house a restaurant of some sort. This is a subject close to our heart — across the bay, the fate of Rockaway’s remaining bungalows got the Times treatment in 2003 and again in 2008, and is also the stuff of an in-production documentary. It’s a shame to see cottages so closely entwined with the area’s history replaced by something this “fugly,” whatever dining it brings to the area.

If you’re looking for a restaurant that nods to bungalow architecture, visit the Bungalow Bar across the bay. Hidden behind a picket fence, it’s got a cabin vibe complete with fireplace, Skee-Ball, dart boards (bring your own darts), and a big deck overlooking Jamaica Bay. Oh! Elsewhere in the area, the Italian developer of Coney Island’s amusements has announced a name for the new park, and it’s a familiar one: Luna Park. It remains to be seen whether, like at Luna’s onetime competitor Steeplechase Park, it’ll have an attraction wherein puffs of air are blown up your date’s skirt while a midget hits you with a paddle.

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Sheepshead Bay Gets ‘Fugly’ Restaurant Space (We’ll Be at the