Seinfeld Star Shills for Jenny Craig; $177,000 Tuna Protested in Hong Kong

• Jason Alexander is Jenny Craig’s latest celebrity spokesperson. [NYP]

• Major delays at airports in Bakersfield and Minneapolis were caused by a suspicious bag that merely revealed bottles of honey when searched. [MSNBC]

• A man ran through Maria’s Italian kitchen and barricaded himself in an upsatirs office until police broke down the door and apprehended him and some diners continued their meals. [BlogDowntown]

• The $177,000 bluefin tuna purchased this week in Tokyo is being targeted for a boycott by Hong Kong wildlife activists who are urging the city not to eat at the restaurants that plan to serve it there. [EarthTimes]

• Wine collector William Koch has discovered many of the famous bottles he’s been sold are fakes and is suing the sellers. [L.A. Times]

• A Rhode Island foundation is serving as a sort of genetic bank for heritage livestock breeds. [NYT]

• Two devices have been recently unveiled that plug into your computer’s USB port to keep your coffee warm. [WSJ]

• Fast food vendors like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Taco Bell are launching marketing campaigns and menu items for dieters. [USA Today]

• A DNA analysis of pricey foods revealed many fakes, such as “sheep’s milk” made from cow’s. [Official Wire]

• A tea shortage is set to increase through the year and possibly beyond as production struggles to reach demand. [Bloomberg]

Seinfeld Star Shills for Jenny Craig; $177,000 Tuna Protested in Hong