Scooped Bagel Menace Returns to Boston

Now <i>that's</i> a bagel.
Now that’s a bagel. Photo: Finagle A Bagel

Oh, lord. Finagle A Bagel has brought its “Make It Skinny” campaign back, reports Bostonist. How do you make a bagel skinny? You scoop out the insides. As far as we here at GS Boston are concerned, a bagel without the insides may be “skinny”, but it’s not a bagel. But perhaps you disagree!

A 2008 post about this very issue on GS New York inspired a near civil war in the comments between those who prefer their bagels scooped and those who view the scoopers as entitled ninnies who hold up the bagel line. The former camp utilizes every argument from saving calories (“I legitimately prefer the way it toasts, and I like to cut some calories where I can.”) to improved taste (“Actually, I consider myself a bagel lover, which is why I get my Ess-a-Bagel scooped - it’s BETTER THAT WAY. Their loaf-size monstrosities are way too doughy.”) to their God New York-given right to freedom ("To be quite frank, this is New f’ing YORK. What one person does with his or her $$ is up to them. If I wanted to buy a pizza with no crust and the shop doesn’t charge me for cutting out the crust whats it to anyone? This complaint about scooper is retarded.”).

For their part, the scooper-haters look down on the scoopers: “I encounter scoopers almost every time I go to my local bagel shop and yes it really irks me and I’m sorry but they do tend to fit a stereotype. The stereotype they all too often live up to is the kind of person that wants to be fussed over. Most of these people are spending what? Four, five maybe six dollars and you’re asking some poor schlep who’s making pennies to scoop out your bagel? It’s not like you’re at a restaurant laying down a lot of money. You’re spending a few dollars and asking someone to jump through hoops for you. It’s the demands and the attention that they require that kills me.”

Where do you stand on the issue?

Finagle a Bagel Creates a Bagel for People Who Hate Bagels [Bostonist]

Scooped Bagel Menace Returns to Boston