Santa Monica Opens Safe Haven for Food Trucks Today

Photo: The Gourmet Food Truck Lot

Nouveau food trucks, which thrilled and exhausted L.A. through 2009, have a new safe zone to do business in today with the introduction of The Gourmet Food Truck Corner at 14th Street and Santa Monica Blvd. The lot will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and provides space for about 20 vehicles, though participating trucks will still have the right to freewheel around town if they choose.

The most popular vendors from Border Grill to Kogi plan to appear, as well as upstarts who can use the lot to debut, like Derb’s Gourmet, which LAist reports is on the way. The space practically ensures food truck fanatics a front row seat to what’s hot and thriving, while local restaurants will likely sense a strain of competition and complain. As food trucks, which rolled out to great acclaim, have experienced backlashes from Downtown to Venice, this should provide a secure spot for their dishes while dangling something new to eat for neighborhood workers and residents. As this is experimental, we’ll keep you updated as to whether it solves anyone’s truckin’ problems or not. Meanwhile, the lot’s adventures can be tracked on Twitter.

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Santa Monica Opens Safe Haven for Food Trucks Today