Put Together ‘The Ultimate Foodie Earthquake Kit’

Be sure to spice up your canned goods with the Foodie Survival Kit.
Be sure to spice up your canned goods with the Foodie Survival Kit. Photo: Uncommon Goods

Ever wondered how you’ll survive, huddled amongst the rubble, after the big one hits and all you’ve got in your earthquake kit is canned beans and Balance bars? What reason will there be to live, you ask, with no electricity and nothing to tickle your refined, Bay Area foodie palate besides basic nutritional necessities? Well, SFoodie provides the answer in this helpful (and hilarious) list of items from local purveyors to get you through the aftermath of a major quake without sacrificing on flavor.

They recommend things like Humphrey Slocombe’s bacon peanut brittle as a special treat, and the Mobile Foodie Survival Kit from Uncommon Goods which has everything from cinnamon to soy sauce in order to properly season those bland canned items.

This of course brings to mind those “Nice to have/Need to have” ads by that showed up on the sides of buses a few years back. It’s good to remember that your shelf full of eight- and ten-year-old Cabernets isn’t going to do you much good broken all over the floor, whereas plastic water bottles don’t break. Also, this reminds that we should actually get ourselves an earthquake kit, and that it ought to include some of this fine Côtes-du-Rhône they sell at Trader Joe’s that comes in plastic liter bottles.

The Ultimate Foodie Earthquake Kit [SFoodie]
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Put Together ‘The Ultimate Foodie Earthquake Kit’