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Post 390 ‘Below Average"; Regal Beagle Recalls Cheers

Flatbread at Woodward
Flatbread at Woodward Photo: Woodward

Post 390 gets a C from Mat Schaffer. Though the “savvy menu of high-end Sunday supper fare - with upscale interpretations of American comfort classics at prices that don’t break the bank - couldn’t be more welcome in these troubled times,” the restaurant is “a study in below-average service.” [Herald]

• Robert Nadeau gives three stars to The Regal Beagle, which is “making a quick success doing what almost all the new restaurants want to do: small plates; comfort food with a gourmet twist; a mixture of high and low; a bit of locovore, green, and slow fare; some salty fast food; interesting drinks; and scrambled nostalgia.” [Phoenix]

• The Dig bestows four stars upon Coppa in a rave: “Take my advice and get yourself down to Coppa at your soonest opportunity—get there early and arrive hungry.” [Dig]

• It’s two stars for Woodward from Devra First. It’s a scene, but “the trendy packaging showcases a refreshing product.” [Globe]

• MC Slim JB stops by the brand-new South End Parish Cafe outpost. He’s hopeful that the restaurant on the edge of Roxbury “may just be familiar and safe enough to lure the lily-white denizens of the new South End past the edges of their comfort zone. From there, it’s only a few short steps to more adventurous cheap eats, like Ali’s Roti.” [Phoenix]

• Cheap Eats finds Conga confusing: “Conga achieves neither the busy funkiness of Cuchi Cuchi nor the intimacy of Taberna de Haro or Dali. Instead, Conga has the air of a sports bar - loud music, large televisions perched above the dining room, and a menu that includes, beyond Spanish small dishes, onion rings and burgers and a range of pizzas.” [Globe]

Post 390 ‘Below Average"; Regal Beagle Recalls Cheers