Piazza At Schmidt's

Starting a Farmers’ Market in January Not as Odd as it Sounds

Piazza at Schmidt's
Piazza at Schmidt’s Photo: Tower Development

The Piazza at Schmidt’s, that curious construction in Northern Liberties that is home to beloved burger nut Tommy Up, will host its very own farmers’ market starting January 16. While launching a farmers’ market in the dead of winter may seem both counter-intuitive and turnip-friendly, market manager Kyle Perry explains the clever strategy behind this maneuver and promises you’ll see more than a pile of potatoes to welcome you.

“We wanted to do a year-round market,” he explains, “but to start in the summer would put us at a disadvantage, since the first-rate farmers go to other markets” like Headhouse. By launching the market in January, Perry was able to lure some of these well-known vendors like Griggstown Quail Farm, Birchrun Hills, Coulton Organics and Highland Orchands, who he says aren’t ordinarily active during the winter months.

Perry says to expect, of course, root vegetables, from the lineup of 20 vendors, but since some of the farmers do have greenhouses, there should be cucumbers, tomatoes and salad greens. There will also be grass-fed beef, naturally-raised pork, free-range chicken and lamb. One vendor, M & B Farview Farm, out of Berks County, will also be grilling their meats, so you can grab a grass-bed burger or a pork sausage while you shop.

Starting January 16, the market will take place outdoors at the Piazza at Schmidt’s every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Added bonus: free Piazza parking on Germantown Avenue.

Piazza at Schmidts, 2nd and Hancock Streets

Starting a Farmers’ Market in January Not as Odd as it Sounds