Piaggio on Wheels and Taco Dawg Trucks Hit O.C.

Photo: Taco Dawg

Orange County has been a little slow to reach food truck saturation, but as we now know, these little buggers multiply quickly once they get rolling. Today, Fast Food Maven lets us on to two new trucks hitting O.C. with typically specific concepts that just might be unique enough to work. While we’d heard about Louks-To-Go making Orangies go Greek down South, this is the first glimpse we’ve caught of Piaggio on Wheels, embodying an Argentine taco truck theme and thus serving empanadas, dulce de leche, and skirt steak. No word on whether Chef Piaggio backs River or Boca yet, but apparently he’s spending mucho tiempo in Irvine and Santa Ana, and is trackable here on Twitter.

In typically twisted style, Taco Dawg made its bones over the holidays with both gourmet tacos and hot dogs, though fortunately not one on top of or inside of another. They offer a popular “Tex-Mex taco” with barbecue sauce and a hot dog with ground beef and pico de gallo, annd all are on sale for three to four bucks. Taco Dawg has been hanging in Irvine, but has been encouraged to start a few more trucks to cover other areas. Yes, it appears you’re the man now, Taco Dawg! Follow the truck on Twitter if you’re looking to grab a bite.

Three new mobile food trucks roll into O.C. [O.C. Register]

Piaggio on Wheels and Taco Dawg Trucks Hit O.C.