The Other Critics

Pairings is ‘Gutsy and Illogical"; Post 390’s ‘Minefield of a Menu’

• Devra First gives Pairings one and a half stars: “The makeover of Bonfire as Pairings is gutsy and illogical. The food and the room don’t match. Locals don’t want to eat in a hotel restaurant, and hotel guests don’t want their boundaries pushed after a long day of work or sightseeing. Who is this restaurant for? It’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” [Globe]

Post 390 gets one star from Robert Nadeau for its inconsistency: “At its best — the deviled egg that comes with the asparagus vinaigrette appetizer, the skirt steak with house-made fries, the carrot cake, and the chocolate desserts — Post 390 is right up there. And if those happen to be your dishes, you’ll be shocked by the rest of this review. But to find one narrow path through this long minefield of a menu, we had to work through burnt flatbread, pedestrian pot stickers, greasy ribs more poached than smoked, and over-broiled salmon — a lot of problems on a menu the restaurant has been serving for three months.” [Phoenix]

• The Dig awards the second Parish Cafe three stars: “With good food and a kitchen open till midnight every night, you now have another reason to go to this nebulous neighborhood. ” [Dig]

• Cheap Eats visits Roslindale’s Arbri Cafe and appreciates the return of Albanian food to the Hub: “With the opening of Arbri Cafe last month, Bostonians can once again relish such dishes as patllixhan (eggplant caviar) and tave kosi (lamb baked in homemade yogurt).” [Globe]

• MC Slim JB pops into Brighton’s Cafe 57: “Residents should be thankful for a new, locally owned cafe they don’t need to board a bus to enjoy, especially given the care in the cooking, the overall high quality of ingredients, and the owners’ extraordinarily cordial service. It’s not in my own neighborhood, but Cafe 57 is so tasty and charming that I expect I’ll be making the trek from downtown back there soon.” [Phoenix]

Pairings is ‘Gutsy and Illogical"; Post 390’s ‘Minefield of a Menu’