Osteria Mamma Opening Soon on Melrose

Caprese at Osteria La Buca
Caprese at Osteria La Buca Photo: Sauce Supreme via Flickr

Osteria La Buca fans and mammoni everywhere have a reason to rejoice. Filippo Cortivo, the La Buca partner who departed the restaurant in October, is opening a new place with his mother, whose recipes and cooking were the cornerstone of La Buca. Named Osteria Mamma and headed for Hancock Park at Melrose and Lucerne, the restaurant plans to debut in two weeks, Eater reports.

La Buca transformed from a tiny intimate to a larger neighborhood destination based on Mama Cortivo’s home-cooking, so naturally Osteria Mamma will focus on the same stripped-down, rustic Italian that lead to their original success. While Alberto Lazzarino was recently given due props from Señora Sherry Irene Virbila for his take-over at La Buca’s kitchen, the Cortivo’s return to the restaurant business will surely bring their considerable fan base to test how much love Mama lends her dishes in a new space. 5732 Melrose Ave. 323-463-8090.

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Osteria Mamma Opening Soon on Melrose