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Offal, Urchin, Italian Babybacks, and Cassoulet Hit L.A.’s Favorite Menus

Sebastien Archambault's cassoulet at RH at Andaz
Sebastien Archambault’s cassoulet at RH at Andaz Photo: RH at Andaz

A few leading local restaurants have just bulked up their retinues with new dishes that reflect each particular chef’s culinary passions and admiration of regional recipes and authenticity. With expanded options from urchin to offal, meet the newest members of the menus at Water Grill, Pizzeria Mozza, RH at Andaz, and Palate Food & Wine.

Water Grill lets us know their notable selection of chilled seafood has undergone some big changes to vie for raw bar supremacy, with additions of large Channel Island purple sea urchins, Alaskan king crab “Nuggets,” and Oregon dungeness crab now available by the piece, half-pound, or pound. They’ve also added three new shellfish platters available in three price tiers from $35-$135 depending on how hungry or big your crew is, and each featuring appearances by just about everything that crawls in the sea and comes in a shell. 213-891-0900.

At RH at Andaz, celebrated chef Sebastien Archambault is adding another traditional dish from his native southwest France by cooking cassoulet twice a week for guests. The restaurant says Archambault uses a secret blend of seasoning and meats that include pork, goose, duck, and pork sausage in his version, which will be prepared for lunch and dinner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with prix-fixe cassoulet menus available or by itself for $20 at lunch, $22 at dinner. (323) 785-6090.

At Mozza, Nancy Silverton is grilling baby-back ribs on Wednesday nights, using an Italian recipe she created with chef Matt Molina. Tasting Table tells us they taste like Mozza’s porchetta, only with the bone in and messy as can be. The slow-cooked ribs are available at $20 for a half-rack. 323-297-0101.

And if anyone can be trusted to handle our organs with care, Palate Food and Wine just might be our choice. Chef Octavio Becerra is offering a three-course “Offal Good” menu that fixates on different entanglements of these entrails. Daily Dish tells us the menus will change to include quite literally a little of everything from feet, lungs, brains, bone marrow, and tongue, while the first one had pig ear split pea soup and sweet breads. Lunch is also being served for the first time on Fridays and Saturdays starting in late February. 818-662-9463.

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Offal, Urchin, Italian Babybacks, and Cassoulet Hit L.A.’s Favorite Menus