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Neptune Oyster’s “Superb” Lobster Roll;“Decent” Nachos at Poe’s

Poe's duck tacos
Poe’s duck tacos Photo: Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake

• Heady praise for Neptune Oyster: “To me, this is clearly the best lobster roll in Boston. So far, it’s also the best lobster roll I’ve had in New England.” [BostonZest]

• The early word on Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake’s Nacho Average Mondays: “A decent start, but Brian Poe is really going to need to kick it up a notch in the coming weeks. While this was a decent nacho, if you had put it in front of us with no explanation, we might have mistaken it for just a normal pulled pork nacho with fancy lettuce.” [El Tour de Nacho]
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• Don’t miss the pork dumplings at Myers + Chang: “fantastic - crispy dough with intensely flavored pork without the greasiness inherent in so many dumplings or potstickers.” [Cave Cibum]

• A British Bostonian sets us straight: “Hardly ever, though, does tea involve tiny sandwiches and clotted cream and daintycakes.” That said, tea at The Cafe at Taj Boston is still very good. [LimeyG Bends Yer Lughole]

• Word to the wise: “While the Metropolitan Club is rather pricey, the Met Bar and Grill serves up the same caliber of food, in an equally beautiful atmosphere, with a more reasonable price tag.” [Pop.Bop.Shop.]

Neptune Oyster’s “Superb” Lobster Roll;“Decent”