The Best Espresso Sold in a Furniture Shop

Photo: Mohr & McPherson

Mohr & McPherson Cafe (formerly known as Cafe 460) is set to open in a week or so, manager Jim Duffy tells us. Though the digs inside South End furniture shop Mohr & McPherson may be humble (or as humble as one can be amongst $250 chairs), the selection of hot drinks and baked goods is serious.

There will be a full espresso bar and, though the cafe’s many varietals of coffee come from across the globe, all the goods have been purchased through local purveyors: coffee from Rao’s, MEM teas, and breads and pastries from one-woman powerhouse company Delectable Desires. We suspect Mohr & McPherson Cafe will become a haven for home workers: it’ll be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., offer free WiFi and it’s a lot more scenic than Starbucks.

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The Best Espresso Sold in a Furniture Shop