Melgard Public House Soft-Opens Tomorrow on Melrose

Frank Alix’s Melgard Public House didn’t beat Baby New Year across the starting line, but will debut this Saturday in its soft-open phase. This means menus from breakfast through the late night, with Urban Daddy confirming what was being whispered: there will be free pizza at happy hour!

Speaking of happy hour, you won’t have the spot’s 28 draft beers to perk up your spirits for another week or so as Melgard, whose name conjures images of a child The Gorbals family might keep in a basement across town, doesn’t quite have its liquor license just yet. Kind of a bust for a beer bar, but at least you can try the greatest hits of pub grub like fish n chips, shepard’s pie, and burgers, and according to Eater, some more high-falutin’ farmer’s market entrees like salmon in white wine. Like Alix’s Agave, Third Stop, and 1739 Public House, he aims to keep things reasonably priced across the boards.

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Melgard Public House Soft-Opens Tomorrow on Melrose