Marche Adopts Its Own Sunday Supper

Shaved apples with pecorino
Shaved apples with pecorino Photo: Marche

Sunday suppers, from the book-spawning classic at Lucques to the long-running event at Dominick’s, and on to Mark Gold’s celebrated throw-downs at new Eva, are an informal staple around here. It makes perfect sense that Gary Menes, praised for his ability to improvise and day-to-day market inspiration, would step to the challenge himself. Starting this weekend, Menes is bringing “Sunday Suppers” to his Marche in Sherman Oaks. Dinner is only $30 to find the former Palate chef creating in his own kitchen, offering planned menus of four courses that are “subject to change with mother nature.” Along with dinner, acoustic classical guitar will fill the room and quartinos of wine are five dollars. Marche’s first Sunday Supper dinner menu is below and reservations are made at 818-784-2915.

Marche’s Sunday Degustation Dinner

1st course
butter lettuce, goat cheese, apples, cider vinaigrette

2nd course
soup: sweet potato, leeks, truffle scented creme fraiche

3rd course
beouf bourguignon, pomme puree,
and traditional garniture
blue hubbard squash, kamut berries, smoked pearl onions, sauce soubise

4th course
creme caramel

Marche Adopts Its Own Sunday Supper