LudoBites Returns for Jonathan Gold’s Food Event

Guess who's back?
Guess who’s back? Photo: Ludo Lefebvre

Jonathan Gold and The L.A. Weekly’s Gold Standard Event returns for a second year on February 28th, with eats provided by over 30 of the critic’s favorite restaurants like Mo-Chica, Loteria, Jitlada, Mozza, and Bistro LQ. Last year the debut of Gold Standard was met with mixed reviews, raising the question of whether your $60 might be better spent this time around or if an extra $20 is worth VIP treatment. The Daily Dish tallied the results of local foodies last spring, who mostly said the cuisine was exceptional, but ran out too quickly and that the lines to check-in and eat both felt endless.

This year, foodie’s fan favorite Ludo Lefebvre will pop-up with LudoBites, typically an event in of itself and no doubt adding extra appeal for bloggers and LeFebvre fanatics weighing the decision. Kogi will also be on-hand, hopefully with advice on how to handle a long line. Reservations for The Gold Standard can be made online and a list of the participating restaurants (so far) are below.

Little Dom’s
Nickel Diner
Bistro LQ
Good Girl Dinette
Kogi BBQ
Upstairs 2
Meals By Genet
Let’s Be Frank
Saffron Spot
Ludo Bites
La Mill
Hungry Cat

LudoBites Returns for Jonathan Gold’s Food Event