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Owners Fret Over Looming Outdoor Smoking Ban

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As an outdoor smoking ban looks closer to gripping our eating establishments, a few local owners are lashing out at the smoke-free world being proposed. Nicolas Meschin, a co-owner of Little Door, which has plentiful patio space, tells L.A. Business News that “Business is already down 25-30 percent…I think this is a stupid time to pass something like this.”

Maria’s Italian Kitchen owner Madelyn Alfano agrees, weighing in for the rights of customers who enjoy her Downtown patio, “I have a lot of clientele that come from other countries where smoking is part of the culture.” Alfano derides the legislation as “ridiculous when you have buses and trucks spewing pollution while driving by my outdoor patios…” Though the ruling would allow for Alfano, among others, to continue hosting specialty events like a cigar night, she feels the legislation will cost more for L.A.’s image than her own establishment or pockets, feeling it “sets us apart unfavorably from other big cities worldwide that have designated outdoor spots for smokers.”

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Owners Fret Over Looming Outdoor Smoking Ban