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LaBan’s Field Trip to the ‘Poop-Ateria’ Does Not End Well

Oh, rats!
Oh, rats! Photo: Flickr/Schlomo Rabinowitz

In what could be considered a great sacrifice in the name of public service, Inquirer food critic Craig LaBan visits the rat-plagued Aramark-run cafeteria in the P.A. State Capitol building to see what all the fuss is about. And boy does he ever find out. How can you not love an article where the third sentence in is, “So, we going to the poop-ateria?”

LaBan goes into the gross details of Aramark’s “shockingly persistent failure to pass basic health inspections” and then takes the lunch plunge on his own. He’s a little nervous about the food and the rats and it brings out his sense of humor:

Among the most unsavory details of Monday’s health inspection by the state Department of Agriculture were a hairnet in the sink, hot dogs that weren’t hot enough, and numerous mouse droppings, including one inside a large bowl at the kitchen mixer.

Note to self: Avoid the chocolate-chip muffins.

As for the food, he finds that “Global mega-feeder Aramark has long set my standard for soulless institutional cookery, and the cafe generally lived up to that.” He saves the best (or worst) for last… we won’t give it away, but read the article to find out just what kind of unsavory surprise ingredient he found in his cheesesteak.

A pleasant lunch in the Capitol Cafe, until …

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LaBan’s Field Trip to the ‘Poop-Ateria’ Does Not End Well