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The Khyber Is Kinda, Sorta For Sale

A bit more on that Khyber situation we mentioned yesterday. We touched base with owner Stephen Simons, who explained a bit on how the business-for-sale listing came to be, since he says he isn’t really trying to sell The Khyber after all.

Although Simons hadn’t been trying to sell the bar, he says he’s often approached about selling it, but the price was never right. Last fall, one such buyer and he had an agreement of sale, but the deal fell through a week before settlement and shortly after, a broker posted the listing without his knowledge.

While he isn’t actively trying to unload it, he’s also not overly sentimental about his ties to it either. “As much as I love The Khyber - I started working here when I was 18 - and have a soft spot for it,” he says, “at the end of the day it’s a business and I would be thrilled to get that much for it.” So, like we said yesterday, everything’s for sale in Old City. For the right price, of course.

Assuming someone new did buy The Khyber, what would they turn it into? Would they keep one of the city’s oldest bars in its current funkish state or fix it up? Change its name or leave it untouched? We like the Khyber as-is - especially with Jeremy behind the bar - but we’re sure there are other opinions out there.

The Khyber Is Kinda, Sorta For Sale