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Kelly Cutrone Bumped Into Patti Smith and Lou Reed at Omen; Brad Pitt Said Hi to Alec Baldwin at Alto

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took a short tour of Manhattan’s restaurant scene this week, dining for hours with friends at Alto, and then sharing a date at Le Perigord. Across town, after running into music legends Reed and Smith at Omen, Kelly Cutrone dubbed the restaurant “the new Russian Tea Room for the macrobiotic elite.” Meanwhile, Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick shared movie-theater nachos (aw), Al Gore ate at David Burke Townhouse, and Jennifer Lopez shared caviar at Charles with police chief Ray Kelly. A wacky week in celebrity dining, below.

Adour Alain Ducasse: Madonna reportedly rendezvoused with her ex, Sean Penn, over French food. [Cityfile]

Alto: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt dined at the swanky Italian restaurant for somewhere between four and six hours “discussing third-world poverty with UN type” friends. Alec Baldwin happened to be dining there, also, and he stopped to say hello to the A-list couple. [Grub Street, Page Six/NYP]

Balthazar: Anne Hathaway had scrambled eggs for breakfast. [NYDN]

Charles: On New Year’s Eve, shortly after performing in an airtight catsuit, Jennifer Lopez dined on caviar and rose Champagne with Marc Anthony, Ryan Seacrest, and police commissioner Ray Kelly. [NYDN]

Chez Josephine: Harry Connick Jr. dined with his 10-year-old daughter. [Page Six/NYP]

Coppola’s: Richard Dreyfuss “pigged out” on pasta. [Page Six/NYP]

Downtown Cipriani: Lindsay Lohan had dinner with a group of friends, including hotelier Jason Pomeranc. [Cityfile]

David Burke Townhouse: Al Gore and three pals dined at the nouveau-American restaurant. [Page Six/NYP]

Le Perigord: At a table for two, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a romantic French meal. At a table nearby, Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell wined and dined, too. We wonder who stealthily gawked at whom here. [Page Six/NYP]

Magnolia Bakery: Hugh Jackman enjoyed a cupcake. [NYDN]

Nobu 57: Chloë Sevigny and Kevin Connolly looked “very much like they were on a date” at the midtown sushi establishment. [Page Six/NYP]

Orso: Bob Balaban, Gloria Steinem, Nora Ephron, and Nick Pileggi dined on Italian food together. [Page Six/NYP]

Omen: Kelly Cutrone had dinner with Mary Ellen Marks and ran into both Patti Smith and Lou Reed, dubbing the restaurant “the new Russian Tea Room for the macrobiotic elite.” Cutrone had the steak and chiso rice. [Grub Street]

Philippe: New York Jet Braylon Edwards was served with child-support papers during his New Year’s Eve dinner. [NYDN]

Regal Union Square Stadium 14: Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr shared movie-theater nachos, and we love them for that. [NYDN]

Rouge Tomate: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott, Rob Thomas, and Breckin Meyer celebrated the premiere of Leap Year. [Grub Street]

Strip House: Eli Manning and the Giants’ entire offensive line bro-ed down by “devouring” steaks with “no women at the table.” [Page Six/NYP]

Tanuki Tavern: Exes Lydia Hearst and Ryan Cabrera reunited over Japanese food. [NYDN]

Kelly Cutrone Bumped Into Patti Smith and Lou Reed at Omen; Brad Pitt Said Hi to