Jersey Shore Has its Own Top Chef; 513-Lb. Tuna Sells for $177,000

Jersey Shore’s The Situation seems to be quite the cook, based on his meals in two recent episodes. [Food & Wine]

• Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone will compete on this season of Celebrity Apprentice. [Herald Sun]

• Two men were arrested this morning after trying to burglarize Chuy’s restaurant in Simi Valley. [VCStar]

• Domino’s Pizza CEO David Brandon is leaving the company to become the University of Michigan’s athletics director. [WSJ]

• U.S. agents investigating LSG Sky Chefs, which caters to major airlines, found listeria and cockroaches, among other health violations, at its Denver facility. [Daily Record]

• In a possible attempt to obtain higher scores from reviewers, California wines have increasingly been getting stronger in alcohol content and bolder in taste, and less about complimenting a meal or subtlety. [Inside Bay Area]

• Citing attacks on staff and militia demands to bar female workers, the U.N. Food Agency has stopped bringing food and aid to about one million people in Southern Somalia. [Yahoo! News]

• The widow of former Times food and wine writer R.W. “Johnny” Apple will auction off his massive wine collection. [WP]

• Due to concerns about food safety, Taiwan will ban some U.S. beef imports. [NYT]

• A 513 pound bluefin tuna was sold for $177,000 at Tokyo’s Tsukiji market. [WSJ]

• A Toronto man found 50 dead ants in his McDonald’s breakfast burrito. [Toronto Sun]

Jersey Shore Has its Own Top Chef; 513-Lb. Tuna Sells for $177,000