Jamie Oliver Makes Criminal Employee Confess; Starbucks Going Lo-Cal

• Jamie Oliver coaxed an apprentice to confess to a four million pound robbery. [The Sun]

• Starbucks will debut lower-calorie menu items, including paninis, this week. [NRN]

• Palmdale’s Red Brick Pizza introduces a pie with an acai-berry crust. [Yahoo! Finance]

• A duo has been arrested in a scam selling cookware and now LAPD wants to find the victims. [KTLA]

• Due to a flu panic, prices for garlic in China have shot so high that the crop has outperformed gold and stocks as the country’s best asset. [USA Today]

• Accidental Wine Company makes a profit selling imperfect o r slightly damaged wine bottles that others might throw away. [The Ledger]

• The Humane Society is pressuring Kroger Eggs to embrace a cage-free approach. []

• In March, Sotheby’s will auction off the over-sized wine bottle collection of Lloyd Flatt, one of the U.S.’ most famous collectors. [Yahoo! News]

• Before shutting down a Shanghai dairy company for selling contaminated milk, Chinese officials kept the disturbing discovery secret for nearly a year. [USA Today]

• Though freezing temperatures in the Deep South could negatively affect strawberries ande citrus, peaches and apples could benefit from the cold weather. [MSNBC]

• Casual dining restaurants are upping the focus on their high-profit bar menus. [NRN]

• Joel Robuchon will open three restaurants in a Singapore casino this year. [AsiaOne]

• KFC is now advertising on fire hydrants in Indiana. [Yumsugar]

Jamie Oliver Makes Criminal Employee Confess; Starbucks Going Lo-Cal