Jamba Juice Goes Hot; Michelin Chefs in Space

• Today marks the beginning of the murder trial for a man accused of shooting a Near Northwest Side pizza deliveryman 28 years ago. [Tribune]

• Proposed legislative overhauls designed to keep convention business in Chicago have the side effect of making McPier workers into public employees, unable to strike. [Sun-Times]

• Jamba Juice will introduce hot beverages in March. [NRN]

• Michelin three-star chef Harald Wohlfahrt is creating high-end food for astronauts. [NYP]

• A prankster replaced the legitimate labels on some Gatorade bottles in Colorado stores with the Gatorade logo, a picture of Tiger Woods, and the word “unfaithful.” [Crain’s]

• Due to cold weather in Florida, orange juice trading prices have been fluctuating wildly. [WSJ]

• Don Thompson is the new C.E.O. of McDonald’s. [NYT]

Jamba Juice Goes Hot; Michelin Chefs in Space