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How to Survive Hell Night; P.F. Chang’s Too Noisy

Tangerine shrimp from P.F. Chang's
Tangerine shrimp from P.F. Chang’s Photo: scardey kat/Flickr

• A six point guide to surviving Hell Night atEast Coast Grill & Raw Bar. Step one: “Coat your digestive tract before and after. Pepto-Bismol, ice cream, milk, Rolaids.” [Fork It Over, Boston!]

• At the Legacy Place P.F. Chang’s, “amazingly high noise levels (it seemed like every single conversation in the place was being beamed right at our table), topped with insipid sorta-pop music (not even Chinese pop music, but good ol’ American dreck) made for a frenetic, unsoothing experience.” [Universal Hub]

• FYI about Craigie On Main’s pigs’ tails: “I hadn’t realized that a pig’s tail is mostly uh, fat. Think of it like a petite, very fatty version of a chicken drumstick or a spare rib - a small bone encased in a rich, lip-smacking casing of fat that leaves you feeling a bit stickier for the wear.” [Lingbo Li]

• One verdict on Cafe Fleuri’s Chocolate Bar: “go for birthdays, big groups, kids etc.. it’s overhyped.. but it’s a fun thing to do, just don’t have high expectations.” [Miss NOM]

• At the new South End Parish Cafe, “the kitchen still has a few kinks to work out.” [Chowder/BoMag]

How to Survive Hell Night; P.F. Chang’s Too Noisy