Home Run Inn’s Success; Pork: The Other Blue Pill

• Hotel restaurants, once stuffy, banquet-esque dining rooms, are starting to attract customers who aren’t necessarily guests at the property. [Sun-Times]

• Locally-based Home Run Inn frozen pizzas hold the greatest Chicago market share of all frozen pizzas, beating out corporate giants like Kraft. [Tribune]

• In a recent speech, Argentina’s president recommended eating pork as an alternative to Viagra. [Yahoo]

• J.D. Salinger’s fiction was chock-full of food references, like the chicken sandwich in Franny and Zooey that signified the rift between Franny and her boyfriend. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• A French winemakers’s plan to name its Sauvignon Blanc “Kiwi Cuvee” was blocked by an Australian tribunal, which felt the name would mislead customers into thinking the wine was from New Zealand. [WSJ]

• Like food, restaurants themselves can have umami, argues restaurateur Bruce Buschel. [You’re The Boss/NYT]

• LeBron James is partnering with McDonald’s on a multi-year ad campaign. [NRN]

• Greek wines are currently the best they’ve been since ancient times. [Salon]

• Black pepper may have been the culprit in a recent salmonella outbreak that sickened salami-eaters in 40 states. [NYT]

• Arby’s CEO Tom Garrett has resigned. [NRN]

Home Run Inn’s Success; Pork: The Other Blue Pill