Haute Comfort Food Trend Hits Financial District

The (admittedly delicious) chicken and waffle at Trina's
The (admittedly delicious) chicken and waffle at Trina’s Photo: Nicole Kanner

A restaurant offering gourmet comfort food is looking to open in the Financial District, reports Universal Hub. The as-yet-unnamed restaurant, slated for the space at 184 High Street that most recently played home to Exotic Sushi & Tapas, hopes to “feature an ivory-tickling pianist for patrons supping premium comfort food, such as gourmet meatloaf and handcut French fries rather than reheated frozen fries.” Sigh. Really? Can we please call a moratorium on the whole haute comfort food trend?

In the past six months, we’ve seen haute homestyle food at Woodward, Post 390, The Regal Beagle, Lord Hobo, Trina’s Starlite Lounge, to name just a few. These restaurants are great individually, but if we have to look at one more menu featuring lobster mac and cheese alongside fried chicken and waffles, we are going to lose our mind. It’s 2010. The economy seems to be making some sort of progress. Can we please get a high profile restaurant opening that doesn’t include artisanal meatloaf blends and flatbreads?

Is the Financial District Ready for a Piano Bar That Serves High-End Comfort Food? [Universal Hub]

Haute Comfort Food Trend Hits Financial District