‘Golden Tickets’: Lunch From Celeb-Chef Mobile, BBQ From Fatty ‘Cue

Earlier, news leaked that on February 8, Alain Ducasse, Daniel Boulud, and perhaps some other famous chefs would be manning a food truck to promote NBC New York’s soon-to-launch food site, Feast, and today a press release announced that Paul Liebrandt and Michael White will also be onboard. Of course, you’ll have to jump through hoops to get your free lunch. Here’s the drill.

Beginning today, locals can log on to the website to answer a specific list of only-in-New York questions that define the essence of the city. More than five hundred people will receive a “golden ticket” that they can exchange on the day of the event for the undisclosed location and a pass for the free meal … Usually in the kitchen at some of New York’s toniest restaurants, each chef will offer dishes never before served on a food truck.

Try your luck here. If you’d rather play another game, though, Fatty Crab and Cabrito’s tireless publicists and the “Willy Wonka of Asian cuisine, Zak Pelaccio,” have announced that they’re stuffing tickets into one out of every twelve of their signature candy bars that are good for free cocktails, Fatty T-shirts, appetizers, and (the real lure) a spot on the guest list for a Fatty ‘Cue preview party. And no, we don’t know when those preview parties will be.

‘Golden Tickets’: Lunch From Celeb-Chef Mobile, BBQ From Fatty