Odds & Ends: Filter Reopens; BLT Comes Ashore

“The Moof” at Bagel on Damen Photo: Michael Nagrant

• Just a wee bit overshot of their original opening date of October 1, the second coming of beloved Wicker Park coffee shop Filter is finally happening on Friday. [Thrillist]

• New York-based chef Laurent Tourondel already has a presence of sorts in Chicago thanks to his former right-hand man Sam Wambach running the kitchen at Epic, but the BLT empire has announced its official presence in the Windy City: they’ll open September 9 at 151 West Adams, inside a new Marriott. [Dish]

• If you haven’t yet made it up to Bagel On Damen, which changed Julia Kramer’s life opened to the public last Friday, we highly recommend you get over there and try not only the Stumptown coffee, but the Moof, which Nagrant calls “the Jewish answer to the muffaletta.”

Odds & Ends: Filter Reopens; BLT Comes Ashore