Del’s Saloon is Done

Where to get your Golden Tee on now, Westsiders?
Where to get your Golden Tee on now, Westsiders? Photo: Phillie Casablanca via Flickr

It’s going to be the last “last call” tonight at Del’s Saloon. The dive bar will hold a half-price happy hour all day and auction off its décor before shuttering for good at 2 a.m. Del’s has been one of the last authentic dive bars to survive west of the 405 and north of El Segundo, a feat that defied a little logic until a cameo in Knocked Up helped its star rise considerably. We figured Del’s, who shared a hangover cure with us to end 2009, would be around for the rest of 2010 to help us avoid the Busby’s of the world, but alas, it will close with no plans to relocate currently.

A veteran Del’s bartender tells Squid Ink (which also details the closing of Citrus at Social Hollywood) that a new owner offered the landlord more money in a situation aptly described as “pretty fucked.” So where will you go to play Golden Tee with that one-eyed road warrior that looks like Wesley Snipes in Blade? Hopefully not to one of the city’s real dive bars where you’re given the metal detector treatment at the door just to get ice-grilled by your not-so-friendly neighborhood gang members.

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Del’s Saloon is Done