Chris Hora Changes New Bistro Name to ‘Oral’

Is Silver Lake hankering for goulash?
Is Silver Lake hankering for goulash? Photo: Seelensturm via Flirck

Chef Christopher Hora updated us on his forthcoming new restaurant said to be replacing Silver Lake’s SiLa Bistro. The restaurant’s name has changed from Hora Bohemian Bistro to (brace yourselves) Oral. Hora explains, “Everything in there goes in your mouth.” We typically assume this at restaurants and with a name like Oral are a little terrified about what “everything” could include.

We’ll soon find out as Hora says he’s putting the finishing touches on the menu and design for an opening right around the corner. Our news that Hora was bringing a Central European-influenced menu to the restaurant has been met with mixed reactions, with one Grub commenter worried that the neighborhood was drowning in bistros and Eating L.A. and its readers expressing skepticism towards the concept and success of the space. Do you think Bohemian eats could prove popular in L.A.? Let us know in the comments.

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Chris Hora Changes New Bistro Name to ‘Oral’