Cardinale Kitchen and Delaware’s Capriotti’s Debut Dueling Delis

Empanadas at Cardinale
Empanadas at Cardinale Photo: Cardinale Kitchen

The deli-obsessed have two new allies enabling their eating, both opened yesterday. The first is a contribution from a chain in Delaware, which we’ll be honest, had not been in our thoughts much lately. Capriotti’s has opened its first West Coast sandwich haven in Beverly Hills, with cold and hot offers that have proliferated on the East Coast since 1976. Thrillist takes note of their SlawBeJoe and Russian-dressing-laden SlavBeJoe, as well as signature Italian cold cuts, chicken cheese steaks, roast beef, and cranberry-stuffed Thanksgiving-style sandwiches, with all meats roasted overnight and house-baked breads.

9683 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills. 310-858-1383.

Further east, on Melrose at Vine, a Popeye’s has been converted into Cardinale Kitchen, with a menu that hops around like Maradona all-Coked up with no place to go. Italian pastas, U.S. comfort faves like meatloaf, tortilla Espanola, and Argentine-style grass fed steaks, empanadas, and stuffed milanesa sandwiches are available, as well as salads and specialties like sweet potato shepard’s pie. No Quilmes, but they do have mate, though it’s that pre-packaged kind by Guayaqui. Eater lets us know that most dishes fall under ten dollars on a menu that can be viewed online.

5784 Melrose Ave. 323-856-0135.

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Cardinale Kitchen and Delaware’s Capriotti’s Debut Dueling Delis