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Bourdain Films at Minetta Tavern (Wait, Isn’t the Show Called No Reservations?)

Hark! The new season of No Reservations debuts January 11, and we’re told the first episode will be set in Panama. Here’s hoping Tony gets deep into our favorite Panamanian specialty, seco con leche (fermented sugar-cane alcohol with milk), and we’re told he’ll also hit Panama City’s Chinatown, tour Manuel Noriega’s house, and hit some seviche joints (our favorite being the one in the fish market). In the trailer here, you can see him burning $300–$600 million worth of cocaine with “la poli,” but forget cocaine fields — the really exciting thing for us narcissistic New Yorkers? He visits Minetta Tavern!

Is it part of the Hudson Valley show we hear was filmed? Apparently not. Josh Ozersky tells us he’ll likely appear with Tony in the “obsessives” episode (in case you didn’t know, Mr. Cutlets really likes hamburgers, and the Black Label one in particular — though he’s now at work on a book about Colonel Sanders). He says there will also be a “food porn” episode that may feature Michael White. In case you’re wondering, will begin broadcasting daily clips of Cutlets cooking steaks with Franklin Becker, seafood with Ed Brown, and more starting early next month.

Bourdain Films at Minetta Tavern (Wait, Isn’t the Show Called No